lewisi hybrid iguana

Created By: Male Marine Iguana & Female Galapagos Land Iguana; Most of the time, it’s rare for iguanas to co-mingle in the wild. 2020 Male Lewisi Hybrid Iguana (#11MCL20) Description. Exergy Exotics $500. Bc reptiles $1500. Price $499.99. Lewisi Hybrid Iguana are some of the most unique pet lizards available and require work. Please do your research on these, they are a very long lived animal that gets very large and will require a large enclosure. 2020 Albino Iguana Out of stock. Price $749.99. Special Quick View. Quick View. Description Shipping Information Live Arrival Guarantee Description. Crutchfield Strain Crimson Albino - SALE! Iguana? 2020 Male Lewisi Hybrid Iguana '20. 2020 Lewisi Hybrid Rock Iguana. Quick View. Reptile packages and shipments are covered by our Live Arrival Guarantee and Health Guarantee. Regular Price $249.99 Sale Price $187.49. Save. Crutchfield $2250. Produced by Ty Park, this feisty little Cyclura lewisi x nebula is on a path to be an incredible blue adult. Quick View. 2020 100% Het for Albino Iguana. Cyclura Lewisi Hybrid Babies Iguana (3 available) (#DuganAthenaBab…) Description. Species: Cyclura lewisi spp. 2017 66% Het for Albino Iguana - Male. The iguana species have the lifespan up to 20-40 years. Before the recent hybridization, there were really no records of any completely different iguanas mating. 2020 High Red Tegu Regrown Tail. Yakalo Created By: Yak Bull & American Bison Cow The Yakalo species attempt happened back in the 1920s for similar reasons the Beefalo was attempted. If it hops, wiggles, crawls or gives your mom the chills, you'll probably find it at Prehistoric Pets. It may have happened, but … Hybrid Iguana. Quick View. 2019 Baby Super Crimson Iguana Out of stock. Purchase these beautiful exotic reptiles that are eating regularly. 2017 50% Caatinga Iguana - Male ... Quick View. Quick View. 2020 Lewisi Hybrid Rock Iguana. We have a few available, I can sex them if you’re looking for a particular sex. Buy Yearling Lewisi Hybrid Iguanas for sale online. Price $375.00. 2020 Lewisi Hybrid Rock Iguana. 27. 11. Grand Cayman Blue Iguana Facts: The iguana species is also known as the cyclura lewisi. 2020 USCBB Yellow Headed Water Monitor (Varanus cumingi) Price $1,999.99. The hybrid iguana is a first-generation hybrid, the result of intergeneric breeding between a male marine iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) and a female Galapagos land iguana (Conolophus subcristatus) on South Plaza Island in the Galápagos Islands, where the territories of the two species overlap.. Price $749.99. Hybrid iguanas are dark with light speckles or bands of mottling near the head and a banded body. Limited Quantity Quick View. Eating on a wide variety of veggies, he's chunky and growing FAST! This is a really beautiful Cayman Blue Iguana Hybrid that is ready to go to her new home! The male iguana has the large size as compared to female. With some work and handling this guy will grow to be the coolest dog on the block! The most lived iguana is noted of age 67 years old. Absolutely adorable baby cyclura! Both were presented in hopes they would generate more meat production. '20. Yet Yakalos were also thought to be capable of carrying more weight and may have a temperament that […] Price $275.00. 2020 Female Grand Cayman Blue Iguana Hybrid (Cyclura lewisi/caymanensis) *Regen tail tip* Product details. Quick View. Crutchfield Strain Super Crimson - High Red! Albino Columbia Green Iguana. 2020 Rhino Iguana. The average size of species is noted about 5 ft. 1 Like.

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