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It’s a pretty logical assumption, isn’t it? From their curious faces to their charming behaviors, the otters of the world have earned the title of many nature lovers’ favorite creatures. The sea otter is a mammal of the weasel family well adapted for sea life. I've seen this with neotropical river otters and giant otters as well, not just our North American variety. Otters have five toes and the heel pad tends to be somewhat horseshoe shaped. Are both types of otters in the same family? Adult otters measure 35 to 55 inches in length, about one-third of which is tail. again or contact 1.888.780.6763. Sea otters are not nearly so versatile. Don't know if you know or not but Calgary has had a pair born. Mobile alerts from Ocean Conservancy. River otters also reach sexual maturity earlier and are typically able to reproduce sooner than sea otters. It can defend itself against opponents without getting any wounds. Preferably on one's lawn furniture or open garage? That’s a sea otter, yo. Although both mammals and desired for their fur, there are unique differences between a river otter and sea otter. Thanks again! They have enormous back flippers, and often swim on their backs with their big flippers sticking out of the water. They figure mom will allow them to see people in May, The Stanley Park Ecology Society is running a great evening program on otters and beavers this Sunday. River otters will achieve maturity between the ages of two and three, while female sea otters mature between ages three and five, and males even later between ages five and seven. The pool is heated, and the staff cannot be nicer. Are Otters Dangerous to Humans? The river otter is protected and insulated by a thick, water-repellent coat of fur. Give a sea otter gift package. Make a note of that snorting. (and it isn’t going all that great at the moment, apparently),, The video is awesome! more Meet a man whose roommates are a pair of river otters. Sea otters live in large colonies, but river otters tend to stay in small family groups. I’m a compulsive explainer. River otters also reach sexual maturity earlier and are typically able to reproduce sooner than sea otters. Also found along the west coast of Scotland. As I filmed, I listened to the people’s reactions: “Oh look! Ocean Conservancy, International Coastal Cleanup, Ocean Action Network, Trash Free Seas, Trash Free Seas Alliance and Rippl are registered trademarks of Ocean Conservancy. If you travel further north to areas like the Alaskan seaboard, you could even find males weighing up to 100 pounds! They are clumsy on land. Habitat: Otters can be found beside rivers, streams and lakes, mostly in north and west England and Wales. Otters have more of a curved form in the water, with most of the body and tail riding just beneath the surface. Found in both saltwater and freshwater, a river otter lounges around riverbanks and swims with its belly down, keeping the majority of its body submerged below the water. A mature male otter weighs 10 to 25 pounds and is 30 to 40 inches in length, plus a 12- to 15-inch tail. It is illegal to have an otter in most states. Short tail. I'll share a video below, you can also find several on Youtube. THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! Gerry Lunn Exactly except those that frequent bays… you know what those are called. A sea otter! We have river otters in front of our place and they are such fun to watch, but why do they have to poop on land? I, too, assumed that sea + otter = sea  otter. Fluffy fur and husky profile. Otter anal jelly (Photo: K. McDonald) River otters sometimes dance when they poo. The future of many species of Otters has almost been destroyed due to selfishness on the part of humans. The otter is a member of the order Carnivora. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Terms and Conditions. Anyway. Otters have small, rounded ears, and long sensitive whiskers to help them feel the vibrations of their prey. I LOVED IT AND SO DID MY 8 yr-old BROTHER!!! I am going to compare Otter vs Muskrat vs Beaver, There is misunderstanding in people, they call them with same name because they looks same in appearance. Yay! They do not fall under the same laws … Get monthly (ish) updates via email from Don Enright. We know it can get otterly confusing to differentiate the species, so here are five ways to tell them apart! General description: The otter is perfectly suited for an aquatic life. River otters keep their young safe by their side and in dens that they build on riverbanks, while sea otter moms typically keep their pups nestled on their stomachs as they float until they are old enough to swim on their own. So glad you shared your otter escapade! River otters: Dark brown. Otters can be found in streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. River otters (Lutra canadensis, Fig. However, we noticed a conundrum that many readers seem to get themselves into. We wonder how he or they survive, what they live on, etc. At least, not yet; they are slowly recovering from being nearly completely wiped out by the marine fur trade in the early colonial period, and if all goes well for them (and it isn’t going all that great at the moment, apparently) we may see them back here in a few years. Many residents regard otters as desirable animals because of … Here’s what I do: Read More about “I think we should work together.”…. River otters are very messy eaters—but they really appear to love eating. – but our river systems still require extensive habitat management to restore them to a healthy level that can sustain fish stocks and wildlife. They’re even known to wrap their babies in kelp to keep them safe and warm while they’re off hunting, and as the Marine Mammal Center describes, these pups end up bobbing up and down on the surface of the ocean like little corks! Sea otters rarely venture on land, where their movements are awkward and clumsy. Amazing as we are over a mile from the ocean. Both types of otters need their coats to form a layer of insulation that traps air to keep them warm, and they certainly need it when areas like the Pacific dip to chilly temperatures that are often between 35° and 60° (and even lower than that as you move up the coast toward Alaska and Canada)! So glad he made it in there. Read More about “What is interpretive planning?”…. Land Behavior. That physique lends itself to a kind of slinky-like locomotion on land, and you can see a brief clip of it here. Whether you’re sailing the coast of the Pacific Northwest or hiking the riverbanks of West Virginia, you now have the tools to tell the difference between river otters and sea otters. If your community has stocked triploid grass carp, otters may remove them from the pond. As their name suggests, sea otters live mainly near the sea, spending most of their time in the water. Otters can transmit rabies to humans and pets. I was just at dogbeach at Vanier Park and 5 “river otters” swam by, stopped to watch the idiot labradors, inluding mine, chasing balls. There is still hope that one day humans and Otters will be able to live in harmony. The Otters were so much fun and so playful it definitely was one of my biggest dreams to come true. River otters are more petite. Identification. There they were: our four young otters were at a drainage culvert, which they had discovered could be used to provide safe passage under the seawall, upward, under the road and into the forest. Sea otters’ have the densest fur in the entire animal kingdom with up to one million hairs covering each square inch of their body. I was rooting so hard for that little guy. Run easily on land. During the winter, they may leave ponds and lakes that freeze over for the open water of rivers and streams. Text STOP to 69866 to stop receiving messages. Almost always swim in a dog paddle, almost never swim on their backs. Here’s the little guy at the culvert, just after his three siblings have disappeared into it: Your writing style is engaging and entertaining. Otters are semiaquatic animals that spend a part of their lives on land. 1) are best known for their continuous and playful behavior, their aesthetic value, and the value of their durable, high-quality fur.They have long, streamlined bodies, short legs, and a robust, tapered tail, all … Great vid and article. It can be found off the central Californian coast, western Alaska and the Bering Sea. Otter spraints are messy smudges with a distinct, not unpleasant smell, and contain bones and fish scale remains. See all courses. Yes, it's a real thing. Factors t… Their tails are short and not as muscular as river otters. A sea otter’s fur is denser than a river otter’s, but all species spend most of their time grooming their fur so it maintains its ability to insulate the animal in water.

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