return to work after pulmonary embolism

the pain and breathlessness could continue for quite some time after diagnosis which meant I had some very panicky moments. Ugh again. I am only 34 and my PE hit me from out of nowhere while at work. This will give you more time for rest when you get home from work. Hang in there! If not, you may want one. The greatest value in your informative hub is simply knowing everything I am experiencing is normal. I sometimes worked out two or three times a day. I have an assignment for you. I have many hubs with a variety of clot related topics. Item 3 is worked on a bit in the hospital, but, often, patients are left with ongoing questions. If endurance is a problem and your doc is ok with exercise, get a heart rate monitor watch and a pedometer and start to set walking goals with a max heart rate and avg rate. The Doctor told me when I left the hospital that there were no limitations for this sort of thing. I have scar tissue on the Pleura sac and so I am so limited to what I can do. There is no antidote or reversal strategy that is guaranteed to work … Now that I am home I am more active than before hospital, but still feel shaky and somewhat lacking in confidence. Many thanks! I was diagnose with PE last August. Generally we don't find out when the clots dissolve. Afterward I heard things like "most clots I have ever seen and had a patient live" and I found out later so done else had the same procedure the day prior and did not make it - same age as me. They may dissolve, or they may not. I do not know if either would interfere with blood thinners. Now we just had to get me feeling better. Don't take that as people writing you off, anxiety is very real and very debilitating for some people. Yoga, swimming, walking, and deep breathing all can help you gradually regain muscle and endurance that are often lost in a PE. In most cases, pulmonary embolism is caused by blood clots that travel to the lungs from the legs or, rarely, other parts of the body (deep vein thrombosis). But you can do some things to keep your blood flowing and prevent future clots. From time to time my brain still needs a tune up to deal with the post PE brain issues. I am a fellow PE survivor. I don't have time to be sick! Your doctor probably will give you specific exercises to do for several weeks or months to help boost your strength and breathing. Endurance is often an issue in this area, as it is in other life areas. It blocks the effects of vitamin K in the body, and, by doing that, it increases the time it takes for blood to clot. Rocket J Squirrel from Washington Boro, Pennsylvania on January 13, 2013: I just experienced a clot in my left arm and have been diagnosed with multiple clots in both lungs. Some of the most helpful aids I got while in hospital were from physical therapy and occupational therapy. I recommend staying hydrated, avoiding combined oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy, and making sure to get up and walk every 2 hours. So now I am dealing with radiation and eventual surgery for that along with healing from the PEs. last year. That means you need to try to eat the same amount of leafy green vegetables, fish, liver, and some kinds of vegetable oils that you have been. I was seeing the doctor on a weekly basis at first. This was the biggest hit I have ever received. I listen to my body more then ever before and I'm taking baby steps each day. I guess this is not as uncommon as I thought?? Four months later it is very demoralizing to have issues lifting things I could have chucked over handed with one arm a year ago. Basically my lungs were full of clots. He or she can help you to review possible causes and plan the length of your anticoagulation therapy. You are right, the hospital is better than dead. I am delighted that you have been able to get back to your activities so quickly. I was admitted to the hospital and stayed for five days. Many survivors find that this can help a lot. My severe PEs were caused by an unknown and undiagnosed tumor in my leg. I did go to work for the 2nd half of the day and feel so-so. My PE diagnosis took me completely by surprise as I am extremely fit - I am an open water swimmer and do an enormous amount of swimming year round and compete at a very high level. I thought I was having panic attacks. So I would say have as much rest as you can and don't rush back. Warfarin is a very particular drug. Ask the counselor (or psychologist) if her or she specializes in anxiety disorders. How to recover your stamina and endurance. No sparring. I also recommend as a source of information. Perhaps most importantly in my recovery is finding the silver linings that this can be both a lesson for me and for others. In retrospect I would have had at 3 or 4 weeks off before even thinking about work. Thanks again. Your page has been helpful because the recovery portion of this was not explained to me at the hospital. Read your company's policies, review FMLA, and speak with your doctor about what will be best for you. … I think the mood symptoms are your body trying to tell your brain something is wrong. I am also glad to see that you worked with your doctor on both your physical activity and the supplements. Would be very grateful to hear from you, wish I could rely on medical personnel for so much knowledge and guidance, thank you! Great site! I just so grateful that he still here with me and our 2 children age 15 & 8. If you have an iOS device you can get an app called breathing that is just a breathing coach. First, clear whatever form of exercise you choose with your doctor(s). I am a walking miracle. My leg won't be able to heal completely until the tumor is removed so my recovery is going slow. Every night before bed write down 3 good things from your day. I had to be taken by ambulance to a bigger facility equipped to handle my case. It took me two years to feel fully recovered. During this same time period I was given permission to start exercising on the recumbent bike. I could barely breathe and from the time they wheeled me in for the CAT scan within minutes, before I was even wheeled back to my room there were ten people there ready to whisk me away. You can increase time, exertion, and endurance by making sure you stay in the correct heart rate and start small. Another thing that is important is being informed about your company's leave policies. When you return to work, consider a lighter work schedule or staggered re-entry. I had to stop HRT yeeks! Then on a bi-weekly basis. I still have the stains from the bruising today. But now 6 months later, the depression and mild panic is back for no apparent reason. I also did regular spinning classes and weight training. I wish I had found this four months ago! I'm infuriated that due to my age the doctors have written me off to being a hypochondriac even though they see where I was diagnosed, just because I don't have the pe anymore. I have only one suggestion to make, and that is to help recover lung health, try singing. Most of us don't need them but when given in time they can save those of us who are too clogged up to make it otherwise. This rarely works out as planned. This was a great article. Anything that makes you work your lungs will likely help some. I'm not working out like that anymore. I'm scared and overwhelmed. Lucky To still be in the land of the living :) after a week in hospital they sent me home to " manage it all myself" self injecting until my INR was therapeutic. I never had any side effects while on the drug. After reading this hub it seems like she is receiving the typical course of treatment. You are less likely to get clots on anticoagulants, but it is not impossible. Every patient is different. This medication typically raises a lot more questions. I wasnt even able to mow the lawn without stopping for breaks. I was treated with thrombolytics, and even after … Youhave got really good written content yet it must have acquired some time for you to get all of it built. The fatigue is over welming. I have changed up my diet, I'm drinking more water, and I've been allowed to start taking supplements. It begins when the patient has a diagnosis of pulmonary embolism and is given blood thinners to stop new clots from forming. It took me over a year to solve my coughing and shortness of breath. Name brand Coumadin, dosage changes, and Lovenox are all options that may help you feel better. Stress can trigger developing VCD so I suspect that was the final straw. A pulmonary embolism (PE) is a blood clot that develops in a blood vessel elsewhere in the body (often the leg), travels to an artery in the lung, and suddenly forms a blockage of the artery. Wish I had found it earlier. If you have any other personal tips for recovery, please leave them in the comments section. While many side effects are not officially listed, each person's body chemistry is different. This way, a teacher can assist and correct a student. Wit… I had just turned 41, and was a generally healthy robust person. Do not greatly change how much less or more that you eat of these types of foods. I slept until noon and didn't feel very good until 6 p.m. UGH I worked an 8 hour day yesterday and woke up today feeling like I've been run over by a bus. Have I not pushed enough? On the whole I feel positive, I just want to get back to my teaching job and be with my students again. I am guessing that is you. Lena Welch (author) from USA on January 12, 2014: It is possible that you have a lot of scar tissue in there. I'm very tired too. The woman may not be healthy enough to carry a baby to term. I don't recall having any leg pain and I have no leg pain now. from lack of exercise now. Not all the time just now and again. I felt weird going home so soon after something so serious.

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