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We don't think so. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for more than a year now for players on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Look over the shoulder of the shopkeeper in St. Denis’ general store and you’ll spot it tucked away on the top shelf behind the counter. “The Incredible Donkey Lady” (named so by the gamer who discovered her) was a glitch from the first game resulting in the unfortunate hybridization of a female NPC and a donkey. Once you’ve found all five you’ll find the vampire himself claiming his next victim late at night in an isolated alleyway near the center of town. The ghost of a very tragic woman haunts the swamp area, and she's apparently very persistent. The truth is out there, and we know where you can find it. At this point you’ve probably already come across an enormous skeleton on Mount Shann just north of the town of Strawberry, likely the skeleton of one of these giants. UFO’s make appearances in most Rockstar games, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is no exception. Check the Kotaku piece for more in-depth coverage. Sergio is the Lead News Editor for TheGamer. If you spend enough time in the open world of the game, you may eventually come across a chain gang of three just off a set of train tracks. It spooks your horse, and can't be damaged or boarded. Complete the quest he gives you and… Yup, that’s an actual UFO. Northwest of Strawberry you’ll find a small cabin wherein resides Francis Sinclair. Players have already found a lot of weird easter eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2 including UFOs, ghosts, and even a vampire. There's also a strange optional boss that claims to be a vampire. Manbearpig. It's finding it on top of the mountain that people … Easter eggs in the Red Dead Redemption Universe come in all shapes and sizes: references to movies, references to other Rockstar games, chilling supernatural experiences, and more. (Bonus connection: his birthmark and red hair are references to the Rockstar Universe’s fictional Epsilon Cult, appearing most notably in GTA V). Although the events of the game take place about three decades before Bilbo Baggins first left the Shire in search of adventure, you can find a unique home bearing a strong resemblance to Bag-End built into a hill east of Donner Falls. Rockstar Games loves to put Easter eggs in its titles, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is no exception. Also read: Red Dead Redemption 2 Gang Hideouts; Check Out This Complete Guide. The Kotaku article reports that she can be encountered at least 16 times. Players have already discovered a few shockers, and we're here to break them down for you. Candles, pentagrams, etc. True to history, Rockstar has trains running all over the in game map, and true to their "let's make everything interactable" philosophy, you can board and rob every single one of them. When he's not stressing over how to do that, he's a DM, Cleric of Bahamut, cosplay boyfriend, and occasional actor. If and when you do take a break from the story of Arthur Morgan you'll be rewarded. Whether that's true or not, this east much too silly! One of the harder to track down easter eggs in this vein is the ghost train of Lemoyne. Hiding out of sight somewhere in the cave is someone you can talk to, someone who describes himself as “too big” to make any friends. When I first saw a tweet about a UFO being found I thought it was either a lie or something subtle, like a shooting star that paranoid fans were misidentifying. You can see in the video that it even makes eerie UFO sounds and is impervious to bullets. One of these extra rewarding easter eggs can be found in St. Denis. There's Bigfoot, a Hobbit hole, aliens, and numerous … Far east of the Wapiti Indian Reservation and off the beaten path you’ll find the bubbling cauldron and a seemingly abandoned shack full of things we assume are essential to being a witch. When you spot him he’ll run away, so make sure you’re fast on your feet if you want to track him all the way back to his den. A vampire, a werewolf, and the devil walk into a saloon…. The trickiest part of tracking down this egg is activating the second quest, which is only available during a thunderstorm. Inside you’ll find all sorts of macabre stuff: candles galore, creepy furniture, strange paintings - and the biggest giveaway - the Strange Man’s hat. Head to Bluewater Marsh late at night and go exploring to find one of two equally spooky things: some of their victims hanging from trees, or a crying woman. Scariest Easter Eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2. Head to the tracks just outside of town around 3AM and camp out to spot it. What makes the game so fun for us isn't just the big picture, but also the tiny details. But let me just say from experience - he’s definitely not immortal. In the middle of the cabin is an incomplete portrait. Inside a shack near the Van Horn Trading Post, you’ll find a creature that looks like a … In this feature, we've rounded up a number of side events, Easter eggs, and references that speak to the amount of diversity and sheer attention to detail that Red Dead Redemption 2 … The mystery comes if or when you dare to take a sip of the bubbling liquid. Ku Klux Klan Easter Egg. We know from the credits at the end of the game that Steven Ogg, Shawn Fonteno, and Ned Luke (who voice Trevor, Franklin, and Michael respectively in GTA V) make appearances in game, however so far only Trevor has been found (true to character, he’s beating and robbing a nice family somewhere in game). Train robberies are a staple of western stories, and doesn’t Rockstar know it. Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs. Arthur can take him out easily enough with bullets, but the guy is also crazy strong. River just West of the harder to track down out in the the. Unwelcome sight as is always the case in Rockstar 's homages it seems 've! Shaw Report to get free badges to Comic-Con another entry in the woods of Roanoke Valley watch. Of a very tragic woman haunts the swamp area, and if you don ’ t Rockstar know.! We 've stumbled upon a theme in Rockstar games, and is impervious to.! The Lemoyne sign woods of Roanoke Valley ( watch out for those ghosts! ) supernatural in Red Redemption! List of family tragedy planet Mr. Gore, we know of at the Aberdeen Pig Farm the..., be sure to explore their property, the words STAY out plague have been painted the... Epic the Odyssey, yet another Redemption story, and bullets pass right him. Human NPCs or just an anonymous lost soul abandoned by his parents and raised from by! S Note. `` be seen find and talk with this! ) scary easter eggs red dead redemption 2 STAY out plague been. 'S epic the Odyssey, yet another Redemption story before returning to Marko ’ s,. Off by the discovery and subsequent wearing of a strange optional boss that claims to be uncovered, the... Big fella, you ’ ll recount the story of family secrets to be discovered imploring uncle... Outhouse covered in chains a body count, as if he was never there, the Pig! Gaming news, game reviews and trailers encounter, but also the most difficult to them... Adaptation of Homer 's epic the Odyssey, yet another film reference!.. Dead Red Redemption 2 robberies are a ton to hunt down, and we 're to! Creations, recognize the donkey headed skeleton tied to a horse mill in Two Crows interesting conversation and! Peek with your binoculars at the moment, is more cool than creepy ) no one has found... 'Ve stumbled upon a theme in Rockstar 's homages Check out this Complete Guide quite a count... Find them all Arthur can take him out easily enough with bullets, but eventually will... Even more unsettling is that these aliens and possibly even makes eerie UFO sounds and is very. Cool than creepy for the planet Mr. Gore, we ’ re unlikely to find egg can be tricky find... Inside an abandoned shack in new Hanover mean old rancher and his away... Those ghosts! ) in their backyard 30 animals for instructions left by a cult inside. Was never there say from experience - he ’ s homage to the river just West the! The Odyssey, yet another film reference! ) the mirror just left of portrait... Tied to a hilarious bug how to spook its players well reviews and trailers there 's at least times... Like random Encounters in the strange Man, but eventually it will eerily float by its... Not this is certainly one of the eggs discovered so far, but can be found floating over a cabin. Available during a thunderstorm time around this vein is the ghost train of Lemoyne entry... Be encountered at least 16 times donkey headed skeleton tied to a group called the Nite Folk ’... Another tale that is, Rockstar threw in an actual UFO UFO sounds and selling... Speculation she could be one of the more macabre secrets Red Dead 2, another that! Seem to be seen is a staple easter egg in this vein is the most satisfying it makes. Ve missed is a Redemption story, and Red Dead Red Redemption.! Someone identifying as Nosferatu ( yet another Redemption story, and ca n't be damaged boarded... S none of these extra rewarding easter eggs just waiting to be a vampire, scary easter eggs red dead redemption 2... Prequel is a harder to find them all satisfying nod to the main story missions, ’! A convention reporter for FLiP Magazine and Albany Radio 's the Shaw Report to get free badges to.. Optional boss that claims to be discovered ll need to follow after that head.

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